Sunday, February 22, 2004

Exhibition : ARTitecture 2004

Curated by Daisy Watson, from a basis of wishing to increase our awareness and understanding of the built environment, ARTitecture featured a group exhibition with catalogue, a conference, website and a series of workshops and screenings.

Working in what has always been the storage cupboard, I transformed this hidden space in to a white cube, showing a selection of works from the last 4 years that examine the role that the urban and suburan built environment play in our understanding of the world around us.

image taken from 'Wandersmanner', interactive Director projector, June 2000

More documentation and press from this show coming soon. The ARTitecture web site apppears to be no longer online. Please email if you want more information on this exhibition and I shall endeavour to update this page soon. You can also download the eBook I made in response to the site of the Rottenrow Maternity Hospital, Silence Dropped, here.

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