Saturday, March 27, 2004

Exhibition : [shift]

As part of the [shift] project I produced a fly poster which was disseminated around Leeds. I had no control over where or how the poster was displayed.

Joe Always Lives on the Edge of The Green Zone

Delineated borders, fare boundaries, day passes and colour coding; the city built in our consciousness from bus maps and residential districts.

When we first arrive in a city we have to learn it, to break it down and experience it. My poster plays with notions of identity within the city and the way in which we associate ourselves geographically according to where we live, work and play and how these are determined and manipulated by authorities and private companies.
Leeds is dominated by its student population and the Green Zone encircles the Headingley area, marking out an unseen line, beyond which…maybe a different life is being lived.

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Monday, March 15, 2004

Curatorial : [shift]

A sense of loss pervades the Merrion Superstore as you walk amongst the empty husks of the once busy units. Etched on their surfaces, traces of previous occupation mark out the economics of trade in a place that has passed through the hands of history.

[shift] is about to re-engage this site, to re-ignite a sense of the present and the immediate and most importantly, a sense of community and belonging.

The structure of [shift] is very important to the way in which it will engage with the site of the Merrion Superstore. The first two weeks will be ‘Process Lab’. This experimental period will offer a unique opportunity to learn, discuss and interact with the artwork. Artists will use the space to carry out research, there will be artists making their work in the space and the unit will be open for you to come in and talk directly to the artists about their work. There will also be an educational area, which will have books and DVDs with information about the project and the artists involved.

‘Process Lab’ was born out of an artistic desire to investigate not represent, and this ethos is reflected in the selected artists’ work. ‘Process Lab’ aims to offer the artists a space in which to create and experiment; emphasising the methods that they employ to make work that is more than just a final presented outcome. This exciting and dynamic way of working allows us, as artists, to question and explore the world we live in, in a way that is relevant and revealing.

The final week of the project will take the form of a site-specific exhibition. This week will show the work in a way that is most often employed in galleries and art spaces, but we will be using the unit exactly as we found it. Much of the work will have been made during Process Lab, but some will have been developed off site and others will still, due to their investigative nature, still be in the research stages. During this week there will be a number of performances and events that will be happening in the unit and out in the city centre.

It is hoped that the dynamic nature of this project will offer a unique experience for the novice and seasoned art viewer alike. One of the most exciting things an artist can offer is a different way of seeing the things we look at everyday, [shift] is about to look beneath the everyday city, to show you Leeds as you’ve never seen it before.

[shift] is an E m e r g e D project, curated and managed by Lucy Gibson. Visit the [shift] web site for full information.