Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New video work now showing on Park 4DTV

Leeds based Artist/Director Dave Lynch has curated 'TimeCycles' currently being shown on Park 4DTV, an Amsterdam based web site with an innovative programme of new work. The technology on the site allows you to view the showreel as a webcast, full screen on your computer, at TV quality.

Time Cycles
The past, present and future of yours, mine and theirs in a droplet of time within the ocean of lives.

About my work:

Lucy Gibson
‘Across Lake Geneva 1976’

Time does not fall in a straight line, past jumps into present when we least expect, the fabric of our memories constantly interwoven by our shifting experiences. Memories are constructed from both our experiences and other people’s, their stories become our own and images from photographs make us think we were in places we’ve never been.
‘Across Lake Geneva, 1976’ is made from two slides being placed in the projector together and the lens alternatively focusing on each one. The slides are taken from boxes my parents kept. I thought for years that I was the small girl holding my mother’s hand, but actually its my cousin.

Click here, to see the webcast select the webcast link on the top of the page. This then launches into a full screen version of the showreel which is broadcast on a loop 24/7.

For more information about the other artists featured in TimeCycles, follow the above link.


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