Sunday, December 19, 2004

Album Review: Red Jetson; New General Catalogue

New General Catalogue is an attractive proposition. With photography in the sleeve that instantly creates a strong ambience, I have hopes for this offering from Red Jetson. They don’t last long.

Striving to be Radiohead they seem to have got waylaid listening to Keane. It’s a familiar pitfall for musicians growing up on a diet of The Bends (a classic album but I always end up listening to OK Computer); it is an easy profile to imitate, but not necessarily to do well. They are trying to be epic and ambient, with some tracks hitting 7 or 8 minutes, but there is little depth to it; a guitar with an echo doesn’t make for a soundscape.

When the tracks are isolated from each other they start to sound a bit more interesting, playing them through a random selector, they hold their own a little better. Maybe the album is a little premature, the band perhaps needing to broaden their horizons before settling in to producing 11 finished tracks.


New General Catalogue is on release from Drowned in Sound Records

This review was written for and published by Tasty Fanzine.


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