Sunday, October 24, 2004

Gig Review : Various Sources; Downdime+DJ Baboon+Delores

Whatever you are ‘in to’ there is the danger of becoming isolated, be it music, art, theatre or any of their seemingly infinite sub-genres. Absorbed and comfortable it is easy to box ourselves in to that which comes easiest to us. Yet this cuts off huge swathes of culture, which can illuminate and expand our horizons in unexpected ways. An approach that embraces eclecticism, experimentation and an open-mind is surely the legacy that the late and great John Peel has left us. I still don’t know how one man could possibly have liked such a diverse range of music, certainly at times the extent of his eclecticism would drive me mad, but as a listener to his radio show, you would have music opened up to you. Butting Hip Hop next to Prog Rock allowed for the underbelly of British music to be slashed open on national radio. There is a huge void left by the departure of this prodigious man and is not one to be underestimated.

On Sunday night, in blithe ignorance as to the card history was about to deal, a beacon was lit towards pushing forward, on a local level, what John Peel started over 45 years ago; a platform for blending musical genres and showcasing new talent.

Various Sources is the brain-child of Paula Hughes. Sunday saw the launch of her independent label, Arctic Circle Records, and featured sets from Downdime, DJ Baboon and Delores. This is the start of a series of nights that juxtaposes the different styles and approaches to music making that are emanating from Leeds.

Downdime, a raucous four piece, tread a musical path that is more common north of the border. They have an enveloping sound created through catchy bass-lines and twinkling melodies, which brings them in line with the sound of Sons and Daughters and The Fiery Furnaces. They have the imagination and ability to push their music much further, and will doubtless retain the amiable nature they possess both on and off stage.

A fiery and imaginative set pursues the funky and soulful sounds of DJ Baboon. Rhythmically tight, the intelligent approach of Delores throws up questions of what we expect from a band with a single vocalist. Operating almost as separate entities there seems to be little cohesion between vocals and band, as the male contingent push through a number of instrumental tracks as the set draws to a close. But Fuzzy’s vocals stay with you beyond this and the promise of her voice aligned more closely to the musical driving force is an exciting prospect.

Various Sources is here to champion these differing approaches to a wider audience, experimenting with the raw materials that already exist in Leeds, and hopefully being one of the many fragments of a wider movement, which embraces eclecticism and diversity.


Various Sources took place at the Brudenell Social Club on Sunday 24th October and featured Downdime, DJ Baboon and Delores

This review was written for and published by Tasty Fanzine.


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