Thursday, May 20, 2004

Gig review : Graham Coxon @ The Cockpit

It was a mixed bunch that filed slowly in to Graham Coxon at the Cockpit on Wednesday night. With hardly a Leeds trendy in sight, Coxon’s appeal obviously reaches a section of society that is less concerned with such frivolities as fashion, and were quite at home in the Cockpit’s gloomy interior.

The enthusiasm from the crowd is infectious and endearing. Coxon has a rapport with the big hair boys up at the front and chides them for being quiet as he tries to re-tune his guitar. The crowd lights up in to a frenzy of cheers and appreciation. They scream for every song off the new album, making me speculate that they have been locked in their rooms for the last two days with it on repeat.

Coxon’s legs keep flying in the air and his glasses slipping off in the sweat that he is building up as he hammers out ‘When I reach for my Revolver’, flinging us around between genres with a flagrant disregard for convention and not even a mention of Britpop.

This music is not somewhere Blur could have gone, there are tones which echo back to Leisure but Coxon’s music is about more than someone who was in that famous band. It comes from deep within and it is quite clear that the collection of musicians on stage are putting their energies in to his internal manifestations.

‘Bitter Tears’ grabs the audience by the throat as the evening draws to a close. Challenged by his intensity, the lyrics drive through and leave a lasting impression of the world as seen by Graham Coxon. Complex, quirky and intriguing.


Graham Coxon played at The Cockpit in Leeds on Wednesday 19th May 2004

This review was written for and published by Tasty Fanzine.


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