Saturday, October 09, 2004

Exhibition : Joe's Basement

The inaugural exhibition from Monitor, a new Leeds based artist-led organisation, was on Saturday 9th October.

Taking place, quite literally in the basement of a rented student house, in the heart of Headingley where 60% of the population are students, the exhibition featured work from members of the Monitor committee.

I developed work previously shown as personal sound pieces, and re-contextualising them for the domestic environment of the rented home, where tenants pass through year after year, leaving traces of their existence behind them as they move on and in to the history of the building.

'Poplar Court', a fictional narrative told from the point of view of a small child in a suburban bedroom whose imagination runs wild as the kitchen comes crashing through the floor, played out of the bowels of the washing machine.

The classic wardrobe, one that exists in nearly every rented house or flat, sits partially empty in the corner of the room, the door is slightly ajar, allowing an unidentifiable but particularly disturbing sound to escape. The recording, of rats, evokes uncomofortable feelings in the viewer, who is unsure as to where the sound is coming from.

image to follow soon.

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