Monday, November 01, 2004

Exhibition : Off The Wall

Brahm Gallery, The Brahm Building, Alma Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 2AH

Off The Wall curated by Paddy Hartley and Debra Klomp

Monday 1st November, 2004 running until the 30th November

Having been given a 2m piece of wallpaper, wrapped discreetly in brown paper, I, and 21 other artists were asked to respond to the paper and produce a piece 50cm x 50cm. My audio work ' Yesterday's Hot Pot' will be shown in the gallery from the 1st November.

'Yesterday's Hot Pot' : The echoes of a house resonate from a single square of white wallpaper, whispering memories from an unknown yet familiar domestic landscape. 'Yesterday's Hot Pot' is a fictional narrative that explores the interior of suburbia, the life that exists behind closed doors but seeps out when we least expect it. As an artist recently having moved back to my home town I am continually negotiating the overlap between the ghosts of my past and the unfolding of my present, particularly in relation to my middle class suburban upbringing.

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