Friday, October 21, 2005

Audio Tourist: October 25th

Audio Tourist flyer

Audio Tourist

“We always want the experiences we live to be the experience of seeing immediately, as though we hadn’t seen before. Or as I put it in other cases: to live as a tourist, to see and hear as though you were seeing or hearing for the first time.”
John Cage

Walking in the city, with no commercial purpose, to be in the city simply to experience it; to prioritise the sense of hearing over seeing; to translate that which we hear in to written language.

Audio Tourist is about attempting to experience Leeds, through sound, as if our ears were instruments to amplify, and our minds the tape to record, the city around us.

Divided in to three ‘designed’ walks, participants will follow one of the routes through the city, describing the sound they hear through an SMS text message, every 10 minutes. The walks will take place in silence and without the use of cameras (in any form).

In order to prepare for the excursion participants should:

• Bring a fully charged mobile phone (both battery and credit!)
• Make sure you have plenty of memory in your text message folder
• Bring suitable clothing and footwear and an umbrella

This work has been commissioned for the LSx Leeds Unknown symposium and exhibition, and will take place on Tuesday October 25th, at 10am till 12pm, leaving from the entrance to the Leslie Silver Building, Leeds Met University. The exhibition continues until the 4th November.

For more information, please email me.


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